What Hairstyles Were Popular In The 1920’s

The hairstyles of 1920s created more controversies on hair fashion compared to any era of American culture.

One of the popular hairstyles during the period is the “bob”. Such hairstyle created a wear for women that would last for a long time. The bob hairstyle in 1920s started from the debut of the Castle Bob, which was named after Irene Castle, a celebrated ballroom dancer during that time.

She cut her hair for convenience and eventually the haircut triggered the hair fashion revolution of 1920s. The Castle Bob event shows indication of the rage of short hair.

Popular Hairstyles of the 1920’s

1920s Bob Haircut Look

The bob haircut of the 1920s was simply an edgeless cut and leveled with the bottom of the ears around the head. It is worn with hair brushed off from the forehead or with bangs.

The look of this cut was very simple but many people especially women sported this look. The haircut was even made a forerunner in many advertisements that lead to new coloring, perming, and curling methods for hair.

The hairstyles of the 1920s give a bolder and rebellious look on women. Another popular style of the 1920s era is the shingle bob or boyish bob look. This hairstyle features hair that is cut in v-shape on the nape of the neck. The cut is combined with either spit curls or waves at the sides.

Dutch Boy is another popularized hairstyle during the 1920s. It is most iconic style among the 1920s hairstyles. It showcases a square cut with bangs and sides to frame the face. The Eton Crop is a 1920s hairstyle that exposed the ears of the wearer and short cut is all over. This hairstyle remained popular among women who wanted to separate themselves from the crowd.


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