60s Prom Hair Styles

60’s prom hairstyle has managed to make women look great with dresses till date. The hairstyles in 60′s changed a many times but the popularity of big hair and beehives’ braids, ponytails, straight hair styles was more than any other hairstyle. If you wish to learn some of the great 60s prom hair styles, then here are some tricks.

Vintage Prom Look

You can try and search for old yearbooks and albums so that you could get an idea of the hairstyle that women used to don in the sixties. If your dress gives you a retro look then style your look by doing the right hairdo.

Popular 60s Prom Hair Styles

Some of the most admired 60s prom hair styles are here. The bouffant style which was Jacqueline Kennedy’s popular hairstyle is a great option. For this tie your hair high on the head top which is flipped out at sides. However it is better if you go to the hairdressers and get it done because this style is very time consuming. Beehive look is much similar to bouffant style. The only difference is that it gives larger look and a move extravagant type. You must apply hairspray after doing this hairstyle so that the hair stays in their place.

The French twist is one of the most elegant 60s prom hair styles which is done by twisting the hair into ponytail. Also pin it up with plenty of hair pins and cute comb. The beetles mop- top is a style which can be worn by both, guy and a girl. 60s were ruled by the music of beetles and they have rebellious hairstyle which was defined by long shaggy hair. So you can try it if you are looking for a different look. The playboy hairdo was famous back in sixties which was sported by twiggy, the famous supermodel. This hairdo is short and has shaggy cut with the bangs. Also known as a playboy cut, this hairdo is easy to maintain.

Basically you require keeping in mind the theme of prom night party, your dress look, face cut and your personality in mind while choosing the hairdo for yourself. It is advised to rehearse for it before the party so that you do not mess your look with the wrong hair style. So this was all about the sixties prom hair styles. Accessorize hair and make them look even better.


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