Is Airbrush Makeup Good

Airbrush makeup is one of the advance technologies that science can offer today.  It consists of a gun, hose, and compressor. This kind of makeup procedure is best for those busy people who have no time to do the traditional makeup application.

It is not only easy to apply but also takes less minutes to do. It is very light to wear, thus anyone can able to wear it in whatever ways. Airbrush makeup does not only produce natural look but also available in various color shades that people can choose from.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup Application

The application of airbrush makeup is not possible without the use of air compressor. The air compressor sprays numerous micro droplets on the skin that blends well with person’s skin complexion.

Air brush makeup has four basic elements, the pigment, the resin, the solvent, and the additives. The pigment comes in crushed powder form that is mixed with the liquid to give color. The resin comes in two types, the acrylics and the cellulose.

Along with the film former, the resin makes the pigment cling on the skin’s surface and enhance the stability of the makeup. The solvents containing in an air brush makeup are usually water, oil, and alcohol based, which is hypoallergenic for the skin’s health.

Airbrush Makeup Benefits

  • Apparently, airbrush makeup can only last for about 10 to 20 hours but the normal range would be up to 16 hours.
  • It does not give the skin irritation and its whole system is surely healthy since it does not hit the skin.
  • It does not get spoiled since the makeup is resistant from tear, smear, and sweat.
  • The makeup is also best for sensitive skins and produce clear image on photos as well as on cameras.


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