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Applying blush is one of the most important parts of makeup. It makes the cheeks represent able and brings out reddish glow over the face. However, not many women know how to apply blush properly over face. Firstly, it is the selection of the shade that matters. Choose the blush that goes with attire. Then you must select if you wish to go for cream based blush or powdered one. If you are attending party, hen cream based makeup is recommended. Then after this comes the technique of applying blush. If you have no idea about it then here is how you can apply blush.

how to apply blush

How to apply blush?

The face shape matters in applying blush. You must apply blush over center of face, over the high cheekbones. If you have round face, then you can try giving illusion of slenderness by applying blush in V shape sideways over the cheekbones. Blend it well and if required, apply a bit over the chin as well. For colors, choose dusty pink or rose shade. Remember that the basic for applying blush is concentrating over the apples of cheeks. If you choose to wear powdered blush, then sweep in one direction. Take some of it in a big brush and tap off the excess before application. If you choose cream- based blush, then apply dot of it and blend in direction of hairline.

Applying blush on different shapes of face

For round face, you know now how to apply blush. However, if you have square face, the technique is a little different. You can dap a bit of blush over chin and forehead to soften the square angles of your face. Again, the key lies in blending it well. So do so and get the perfect look. In case the shape of your face is rectangular then apply blush below the eye’s outer corners. This would help you to deal with the length of face as it makes the face look smaller. If you have oval face, then apply blush over cheekbone’s most prominent part. Then blend it well and you are done. so this is how one can apply blush in different face shapes.

So the only thing that you have to do is to buy the must have shades of blush ons which are pinks, orange, peach, red and bronze. Choose shades according to attire and whole look and apply it just the way it is mentioned above.


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