How to Apply Mascara

Mascara is a very significant tool in applying eye makeup. It is a great eye opener which underscores the lashes. Apart from the distinct choice of color, many brands promise to thicken, lengthen, darken, volumize and condition your lashes. They are also present in waterproof and regular formulas.

For your upper lashes, squiggle the mascara back and at the base of the lashes to deposit color before rolling the brush through your lashes. This technique creates a thick looking lash with the ends dissevered and the base well defined.

Mascara is applied from the bottom by holding the wand horizontally parallel to the eyelid and the brush is rolled gradually in the upward stroke. For lower lashes, one has to be more cautious so as not to smudge the under eye area and the wand is to be held vertically and mascara is applied from side to side. Usually women choose for more than single coat of the mascara, which combs the lashes too so that they do not look stuck together.

Applying Mascara

There are various kinds of mascara to choose from. Cake mascara is fashionable with models, because it lasts a long time. Variant colors of mascara such as brown, navy and green can make you look funky instantly. It is essential that mascara is used on an individual only to avoid transferring eye infections and if it causes even the a bit irritation in the eye, it must be immediately discarded.

Before applying mascara, use an eyelash comb or moist toothbrush to comb your lashes. Always apply a dirt free and spanking new mascara stick on damp lashes. When applying mascara to the minor lashes, softly brush the tip of the applicator across them as it gives your eyes a wider look. Make sure that the mascara covers the lashes from the origin to the tip of the lash. A mascara without added fibres is normally sufficient, if apply correctly to make eye lashes look long and shiny. Try and eyelash curler used in alliance with lots of mascara. Try and eyelash curler used in alliance with lots of mascara.

Forms of Mascara

They are two forms of Mascara.

  1. Water based mascaras can be applied rapidly and removed simply. So they are soft to the lashes and eyes.
  2. Water proof and smudge proof mascara : They are a good choice as they are resistant to infection and can be used even years after they have been manufactured.

Tips for Applying Eye Mascara

  • Don’t add water to mascara.
  • To remove the excess mascara blotch the lashes with a tissue.
  • Do the top lashes first and then the lower lashes.
  • Make sure that the wand isn’t overfull with mascara – take some off with a tissue before applying.
  • After applying mascara try not to wink for a few seconds.


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