How To Cut Army Haircut

Army or military haircuts are commonly sported by military men. Although they can wear any types of short hairstyles, there are few considered army haircuts that they should wear. Nevertheless, a person can still wear his preferred army cut even though he is not in a military or an army.

Different Types of Army Haircuts for Men

Army Haircut

There are different types of army haircuts for men’s selections. One of these types is the short buzz or crew haircut that is tight and high. It is worn by many army men because it makes the face appear attractive yet emphasizing the eyes and cheekbones. It is one of the most common army haircuts worn by men.

Another type of army haircut for your selection is the flattop style. This haircut variation is styled in a way that the top is stand up while it achieves a flat appearance. The rest of the hair in this type of army cut is shaved off.

Whether you are in an army or not, an army haircut is great for men who are looking for attractive short hairstyle. Generally, army haircut looks great on men of all ages from professional businessmen to little boys. Its cut is done with the use of a clipper cut or electric razor. Since the haircut is versatile, it can look great with either casual clothing or formal clothing. It can also be a perfect haircut for a wedding or beach event.


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