How to Get Beautiful Healthy Nails

Everyone likes clean, well-clipped and polished nails. Nails too require to be taken care of properly. Much like fingerprints, nail shapes and sizes are also nonpareil to the individual.

Eating a healthy diet is necessary for your nails. It is important to include certain vitamins in your daily diet to make sure that your nails are healthy and look attractive. It may be necessary that one is likely to keep in mind for using nails tools if they are within reach easily. It is very facile to work for a few minutes for nail care at before going to bed. One should done the manicure one time a week it will give wonderful results how beautiful the fingernails look. The nails should look strong and elongated from the top.

Another valuable tip is to never cut your cuticles as this leads to nail infection. Dryness causes the nails to become brittle and affrayed. One easy method to keep nails and fingers moisturized and healthy is with olive oil. Just rub the nails and fingers once or twice a day, paying close cognizance to the sides and cuticles that tends to get dry.

Healthy Nails
Healthy Nails

For long nails, some of the salutary nutrients are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, iron, folic acid, zinc as well as protein. These will provoke fast and healthy growth of nails. Hydration is also a very important countenance of making one’s nails strong and beautiful. When water content in the body drops to less than fifteen percent, then the nails become decrepit and brittle and start to chip and break. Eventually it is important to pamper your nails by visiting a nail salon and having them taken care of professionally. There are many easy treatments for the nails present in many salons that are not very tough on the pocket also.

Common nail spliting can also cause dehydration. In such cases drink more fluids and use an oil designed to perforate the nail plate. Then follow up with a moisturizing cream. Nails are just like skin; they need to respire to be healthy. To create healthy and beauteous nails from the core, give them a break. For severely injured nails, it can take upto three-month period.

Tips for Healthy Nails

Here are a few tips for healthy nails:

  • For dry and fragile nails eat food that is rich in vitamin A and calcium.
  • Honey can be slenderly warmed for ease in dipping, and you should soak the nails for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Break the custom of nail biting – it is very destructive to both the nail and the cuticle and can lead to infections which can actually contort the nail. 
  • A wonderful time to do your manicure is after a shower, bath or the dishes. These activities will remove dust from under the nails as well as soften dry nails.


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