Bella Swan Eye Makeup

Twilight was a huge hit and so was Kristen steward’s eye makeup in that movie. The star whose character name was Bella Swan had attractive eye makeup which grabbed many eye balls. So if you are also Bella Swan eye makeup fan, then here are some of the quick tips.


Things You Will Need

Eye shadow primer, black cream eye shadow, silver cream eye shadow, flat shadow brush, dark pewter gray eye shadow, fluffy shadow brush, blending brush, light chocolate brown shadow, dark chocolate brown shadow, pencil brush, matter eye shadow in your own flesh tone, small blending brush, gel eyeliner in a dark gray color, flat angled liner brush and a black mascara.

Method of doing Bella Swan eye makeup

To do eye makeup, you must apply eye makeup primer. This helps to protect the eyes. Just dab a small amount of it on the entire eye lids and brown bone use for fingers to massage it. Allow it to rest for at least 5 minutes and then begin with the rest of the process. Apply black cream eye shadow to the lids with the help of flat eye shadow brush. Then in order to cover the black shade with silver one, apply silver cream eye shadow to the eye lids with brush. With the blending brush, carefully blend the two shades to bring out a good color. This can be done by gently sweeping the brush from side to side.

Take pewter eye shadow and pat it on the lids over which you earlier have applied black and silver eye shadow. Do this with the help of fluffy eye shadow brush and then blend lightly. Blend the crease of eye with the help of blending brush. This helps to create a soft line over the crease and it also helps the makeup to appear less harsh. Now apply light chocolate brown shadow over the crease with the help of blending brush. Do this with controlled brush strokes so that you do not mess the makeup you just did. Then apply dark chocolate brown shadow with pencil brush on outer crease and the blend.

Line the lower and upper lashes with dark gray gel liner with the help of flat liner brush. Sweep black mascara over the lashes several time and you are done. So this is how you can do Bella Swan eye make up on your own.


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