What Are The Best Fake Nails To Get

Fake nails are the best way to get long and well shaped nails in case you do not have them. There are different types of fake nails that offer a great variety of colors, styles and shape as well. These kind of nails not only give a groomed manicure look but they are also good for women who have habit of biting nails. So if you wish to know about the best type of fake nails that would suit you, here are the options.

Fake Nails

Types of Fake Nails

Gel Nails

These are made up of gel acrylic and are highly appropriate for women who wish to get natural look by donning artificial nails. Acrylic gel is applied over the nail plate as the gel helps to get protection against UV light. These types of nails however are not durable however they do come in variety of styles and color. These nails can’t be removed with an ease and they must grow out and filled down for their removal.

Wrap Nails

These type of artificial nails are in the list of best type of fake nails. These include pieces of linen, fiberglass, silk or papers which are cut in the shape that you desire and then are glued to natural nails just like gel nails. These are thin and very smooth which helps to get the natural look. These are strong but less durable than others.

Solar Nails

These are similar to acrylic nails but these make use of white or pink nails. These look like French manicure. So this was all about best type of fake nails.


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