How To Make Black Nail Polish

Black polish is known to be a bold shape of polish which women love to sport, especially young women. However, applying black nail paint could be a tricky job. If you are confused over the method of applying black nail polish then here is what you need to do exactly about it.

Black Nail Polish

Methods of Applying Black Nail Polish

The only thing that you need is a black nail polish and some cotton (in case you make error). Now firstly, in order to wear black nail polish you must have well filed nails and make sure their length is short. You must prefer shaping the nails into square shape as it really suits black nail paint. Now the key to wearing black nail paint is managing to get a good clothing sense.

Also, you must not wear heavy black eyeliner or even make up as you may end up getting gothic look (unless this is what you are trying to get of course!). Also do not wear jewelry with spikes or wear your hair in spiky style.

Now take base nail paint and apply a thin coat of it over the nails. Now allow it to dry for 10 minutes and then take black nail paint. Apply a thin coat of it over the nails and if you by mistake apply it out of the nail area, remove it immediately with the help of cotton. Then allow it to dry and re- apply to get dark black color. So you get beautiful nails, this is how you can apply black nail paint.


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