What is a Bowl Haircuts

Bowl hairstyles are also known as pot haircuts. It is sometimes called as mushroom haircuts. In this haircut, the sides and back are cut short as if a bowl is placed on top of the head. All visible hair below the rim is cut off or even shaven off in this haircut. The most popular wearer of a bowl haircut is Moe Howard, one of the personas of the “Three Stooges”.

All About Bowl Haircuts

Bowl Haircut

Historically, bowl haircuts are famously worn by common people from several nationalities because of its relatively easy and neat non-professional cut. This kind of haircut is done conventionally by putting a cooking pot or bowl on top of a head fitting the size of the ears’ level.

In other cultures, bowl haircuts are often attributed to poverty since the wearer signifies that he or she cannot afford to pay a barber for haircut. Bowl haircuts are quite common among Amish and other indigenous tribes like the Yanomamo.

In the recent years, bowl haircuts have resurfaced as a counterculture style for rock music scene. The style had been credited to the mop top hairstyles of the Beatles and the early stylized bowl haircuts of Ramones. In the United States, bowl haircuts have gained popularity among pre-teen and teenage boys during the 1980s. It also became popular in some American locales. However, its popularity had faded during the mid 1990s.


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