How to Do Brad Pitt Hairstyles

Name: Brad pitt
Date of Birth: December 18 1963
Place of birth: Shawnee, Oklahoma
Star sign: Sagittarius
Parents: Mother Jane is a school counselor; father Bill is a trucking firm manager
Education: Kickapoo, high School in Springfield,Missouri. He studied ournalism and advertising at the University of Missouri, Columbia. He left for Hollywood before graduating

Brad pitt hairstyle

Previous jobs: Earlier than his big break he worked as a waiter in a fast food estaurant, chauffeured strippers,cleaned the Arquette family’s swimming pool in LA and posed in a chicken costume for a restaurant.
Lives: LA.
Love life: Married to Friends star Jennifer Aniston. Previously engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow. She was said to be heartbroken by the end of their affair. Lived for three years with Juliette Lewis, who was 16 at the time they met. Also dated Mike Tyson’s ex-wife Robin Givens, actress Jill Schoelen and 80s popster Sinitta.
Brad Pitt is known as ‘Mr. Perfect’ all over the world.

He stir the fashion industry with his ideal features that credited to his thriving career in Hollywood. Brad Pitt came into the limelight in the 1990s for his superb performance in various Hollywood blockbusters. He was awarded the Golden Globe and an Academy Award for his mind-blowing performance in Twelve Monkeys in 1995. Pitt played the lead role in his super hit film Meet Joe Black in 1998.

In 1999, Pitt acted in another thriving thriller Fight Club that ortrayed him as the complex and colorful character of Tvler Durden. The movie laborated seven distinct hairstvles of Brad pitt Brad Pitt’s Hairstyles are well-liked by his fans all over the world. He is not only known to keep in touch with the recent trends of the fashion industry but also has the ability of altering his image overnight.

Popular Brad Pitt Hairstyles

Sexy Shaggy

With cutting the ends all over the sliced or razored cut, his hairstyle looks sexy and shaggy. This style is easy to maintain and can be achieved with little effort with a small amount of wax or casting gum. He vaguely styled the trimmed hairs with the help of a razor cut at the 13th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards.

Chipped Ends At the Cine Vegas Opening Night Screening of his hit movie Ocean’s Thirteen, Pitt was in the dappled corners. He looked great with a simple and basic cut. Pitt just pointed his sides up to a longer point towards the top and the trimmings were fragmented to boost a textured finish, This style is best suite for the thin hairs Brad Pitt Long Style In troy Brad Pitt wore wavy long hairs. Long hairstyles looks great on him. In long textured styles, the hairs cut below the shoulder level and a bit to no’ layers are cut to craft body and give the chimera of volume.


Pitt never trims his hair in full punk spikes but his semi-spike hairstyle gives him a great look. In this hairstyle, the emphasis is on quality and sharpness of the hair. His amazing use of brown highlights adds unbelievable depth to the style. This type of hairstyle is one of the quickest and easiest to maintain.

The Brad Pitt Mullet

Pitt’s blonde, shaggy hairs were styled in a conventional mullet, which happened to be the style of the moment in the mid-1980. He played a few unaccredited roles in _ess Than Zero, and Now Way Out, No Man’s Land. With time Brad Pitt finally formally broke into the business after he was did a guest appearance beside Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street.

Brad Pitt Short and Cropped Haircut

As Brad came to the top and his love life with Jennifer Aniston made the headlines. He picked a traditional cropped bunch cut with a very small highlights. This hairstyle really worked with Brad’s natural beckon and helped the “bed head” look for men gain popularity.

Brad Pitt Today

Today, Brad Pitt still changes his goatee and hair length from time to time, it seems his tentative days of hairstyles are over, mostly the Brad Pitt mullet! Today it’s all about maintaining his typical sex appeal.

How to Wear a Brad Pitt Mullet Haircut

Cut your hair into a conventional mullet by keeping the top and sides short while leaving some length in the back. If you have wavy hair, you will have a bit more styling choices. A blow dryer and a brush required to shape the mullet. Direct your hair towards back when you have completed your hair drying carefully. A little gel into your mullet before drying will help to add hold and shine. People who want a completely coifed mullet, style with a blast of hairspray.


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