Britney Spears Makeup Tips

Britney spears is a legend and even though now she is in news for all the wrong reasons, one thing that is always right about her is her style sense and her makeup. She always manages to grab eye balls wherever she goes and this is why women envy her. If you want to learn how she does her makeup, then here are some Britney spears makeup tips.


Things you will need

Concealer, rose shade blush, creamy foundation, pearl eye shadow, brown matte eye shadow, wet liner brush, black brow pencil, black eye liner, black liquid mascara, pink lipstick and nude lip gloss.

Method of doing Britney spears makeup


Applying concealer is a must before doing the whole makeup. This is the key to this pop star’s makeup. This would help you to hide the blemishes and dark circles. Choosing shade lighter than skin tone is what is required while buying concealer. As for the foundation, buy the one which has the shade similar to the skin tone. Apply creamy foundation dots all over the face and neck and then blend with help of makeup sponge. If you wish to get Britney spears total makeup look then choose blush which is either of cherry or rose shade. These were the Britney spears makeup tips for face.

Britney spears like to make her eyes noticeable which is why you must focus on eye makeup. This stunning pop star highlights her eyes quite well. For her eye makeup, apply pearly light shade over the eyelids and then eye shadow o baby blue tone. Then, take chocolate brown matte shade (whichever suits your own skin tone) and apply it over your crease. Blend it till the lash line and also till outer- upper lid then so as to achieve wide- eye look with the help of wet liner brush. Choose black eye liner pencil and apply thin line with it. You must go slightly thick in the middle. Then take black brow liner or brown brow liner pencil and fill the brows with it. Now, curl the lashes to make them more attractive and apply loads of black liquid mascara, just the way Britney spears wears.

For the lip makeup, Britney always dons natural shades, especially in pink tones. So, apply pink lipstick that matches with your natural lip color and then apply nude lip gloss with shimmer. So these were the Britney spears makeup tips.


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