How To Do Brush Up Hairstyle-What Brush Is Best For My Hairstyle Men

Brushed hairstyles are often seen as a men’s haircut. It is fun molded and styled with gel and hair dryer. This kind of hairstyle works well with brunette hair. With just a little gel or pomade one can easily achieved the look. Fingers are commonly used in brushing the hair back. Apparently, brushed hairstyles are also seen worn by women but in a more different perspective and by the use of different types of brushes.

Choosing the Right Brushed Hairstyles

Brushed up Hairstyle

If you are planning to wear brushed hairstyles, hair brushes are must-have tools since it will look after and style your locks. In addition, you must know the different types of hair brushes in order for you to identify the essential one that can suit your desired brushed hairstyle. If you want great curls, the radial hair brushes would be perfect option. To achieve the desired curls with this brush, you need to know the correct technique of blow drying.

Types of Hair Brushes

Paddle hair brushes are great for detangling and smoothing hair and boosting its sleekness and shine. It makes the cuticles of your hair stay flat. This type of hair brush can really suit different textures and types of hair from thick long hairstyles to baby-fine hair. A military hair brush is commonly called as a guy’s hairbrush since it does have any handle and often held with the use the hand’s palm. This hairbrush type is used for conservative slicked-back and old school hairstyles.

Other types of hairbrush that you can use in achieving brushed hairstyles include the round or radial hairbrush and half-radial hairbrush. Both of these hairbrush types can be made with ceramic, timber, and with vents.


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