How to do Bump Hairstyles

Women are always reaching new heights when it comes to their hairstyles. One of the most remarkable hairstyles popularly seen among women today is the bump hairstyle.

Bump hairstyles are added with style and volume. It adds extra sassiness to the women who tend to wear different hairstyles every day. Such hairstyle is very exciting to wear too because it makes the women look more chic.

Types of Bump Hairstyles

Bump Hairstyle Picture

The bumps associated with bump hairstyles come as everyday bump, party bump, and elegant bump.

Everyday Bump

The everyday bump is best worn in the office or corporate environment. It can be added with the regular hairstyle worn every day to make the hair appear with extra flair. It works perfectly with hair that is longer or chin-length. It also works for blunt or layered hair.

Party Bump

The party bump is added as a spice on a regular party ponytail. It will make the regular party ponytail look sassy and fun. To heighten the bump even more, a funky headband can be added above the bangs. The headband will isolate the bump making it appear more fashionable and even higher.

Elegant Bump

The elegant bump is a perfect dress up in any hairstyles intended for formal events such as weddings and proms. It can be added with a bejeweled and small hair clip slid into the bangs or above the ear.


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