How to do Burr Hairstyle

Burr hairstyle or induction cut is a common short haircut for men especially for those who are entering as new military staffs. It is also used for new trained and recruit soldiers. It gives the wearer a professional look. This hairstyle does not require any maintenance since its cut is only close crop. In some terms, this hairstyle is also known as jarhead.

Popular Burr Hairstyles Ideas

Burr Hairstyle

Good examples of burr hairstyles are seen among the 1990s’ Chicano gangs. People who are working outdoors and in the army are best to wear burr hairstyles since there is no styling required for this. The surface of such hairstyles is similar to sandpaper that is very rough when felt. Apart from being low-maintenance in style, burr hairstyle is also suitable for any people as well as for very active kids. This hairstyle is also good for any face shapes.

Burr hairstyle is achieved by using electric clipper. It does not use any comb since hair is shaved around the areas of the ears and side areas of the neck’s nape to give a cleaner look. This hairstyle is similar to the Buzz and Induction hairstyles, which use clippers without any attachment or guard. Buzz and Induction hairstyles are popular for hairless men since it contains a shaved head.

David Beckham Burr Haircut Picture

David Beckham Burr Haircut


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