How to do Butch/Buzz Haircut

Butch haircut is a popular short hairstyle for men especially during the 1990s. It is sometimes called as buzz hairstyle and very much similar to burr cut. The only difference is that burr cut is much shorter in length. Commonly, this hairstyle appears like a soldier cut. Its hairs are very shorter at the back and longer on top of the head. Achieving this haircut is relatively easy and with the use of clipper or buzz, you can wear it anytime at your convenience. There should be a reliable length of about 1/4 inch all over the head with this haircut.

Butch/Buzz Haircuts for Men

Butch Haircut

Butch haircut can suit any lifestyle and age. Since it is low in maintenance, the haircut can easily fit men with thin hair. This haircut can be tapered as well around the neckline and ears; however it will always depend on the wearer’s preference. Most men prefer wearing butch haircut because of its easiness in which hair does not get in the way of the face. Another reason why most men prefer the haircut is its image of being clean cut yet more stylish. It can also be a way for a man to hide the fact that he is already losing hair.

Many women prefer the look of butch haircut, which is possibly one of the reasons why most men wear it. Since the haircut is very easy to maintain, professional men prefers it as well.


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