Traditional Chinese Female Hairstyles

Chinese hairstyles are becoming popular not only in fellow Asian countries but also in Western countries, especially among those who have a great admiration for Asian fashion. Chinese hair is perfect and very straight, making it ideal for creating fabulous textures, layers, and curls.

Popular Chinese Hairstyles

Among the popular styles for Chinese hairs include messy hairstyles for short hair, popular layered hairstyles, short hairstyles, and layered hairstyles with bangs.

Chinese Hairstyle Picture

Messy Chinese Hairstyles for Short Hair

The messy hairstyle for short hair is a latest trend for Chinese hairstyle. This hairstyle is very easy to maintain because of its messy look. The wearer does not need much effort in wearing such kind of hairstyle. However, if the wearer wants to look sexy and trendy on his or her messy look, use the appropriate shampoo along with a blow dryer.

Layered Haircuts for Chinese

The ever popular layered hairstyles are also part of Chinese hair fashion. It definitely looks good whether the wearer have a short or long hair. Apparently, this hairstyle appears better on long hair because the layers can be trimmed enough or razor edged to frame the face. It can be worn with bangs as well to add variation.

Chinese Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles look great on Chinese hair since it appears funky, chic, and cute. It can be added with various hair shades and colors whether for thin or thick hair. This kind of hairstyle is very popular among women since it is very simple to wear and manage. It should be used with the proper accessories that include styling gels, blow dryers, combs, brushes, and other styling aids.

Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

Layered hairstyles with bangs or sweeping bangs are best on women with angular jaw line. The razor cut ends of this hairstyle make the face look very attractive. The bangs can also give a slimming effect to the wearer depending on the face shape.


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