How to Choose a Wedding Cake

In any wedding event, a cake plays an important role. It is often the highlight of the event since it symbolizes the whole reception planning of the event. Wedding cakes have begun as a tradition during the early times of Romans. The cakes were served during marriage feasts. A piece of cake is being cut from the bride’s head to symbolize good gesture. Meanwhile, cakes that are made from water, salt, and flour denote fertility and good fortune for the newlyweds.

How To Choose Your Wedding Cake

Choosing a wedding cake may depend on the preference of the bride and groom. It is one of the first decisions to make when planning for a wedding event. Factors like flavor, size, and shape are important during the selection process. Since the cake is the highlight of any wedding event, it should be something that would attract attention from the guests. It should also be something that will reflect the personal compliment and taste of the wedding theme.

The shape and size of a wedding cake is not the same with those usual round and square cakes that are easy to slice in uniform cuts. The cake may have a distinct theme that should be strictly followed by the cake decorator based on the given styles and preferences of the bride and groom. In the previous years, fruit cakes are the exclusive flavors of wedding cakes but today, flavors of angel food cake, cream cake, sponge and chocolate are already becoming popular.

Wedding Cakes Designs & Pictures

Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake need not to look like the common cake with layers. Today, wedding cakes may come in layers of cupcakes or towers of chocolate and truffle since these are all easy to serve especially if the wedding event is huge.


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