Are Cornrows Still In Style

Cornrow style or track braids is one of the many traditional hairstyles that are still being worn by people today.

The hair in this hairstyle is braided very closely to the scalp. The cornrows in this hairstyle stay flat on the scalp while the hair can be styled in variety of patterns. Originally, cornrow hairstyles came from Africa and popularized by different hip hop artists all over the world especially in the United States.

Cornrow Hairstyles Ideas

Using intricate and complex patterns the designs of cornrow hairstyles can vary from straight and simple ones. Anyone can sport this kind of hairstyle from kids, women, to men. The different cornrow styles can be seen in forms such as geometric patterns, zigzag designs, straight lines, and more. These styles can be decorated with beads, shells, and various hair accessories.

Cornrow Styles for African Women
In sub-Saharan Africa, cornrow styles are common way of styling their hair. The different cornrow or variation styles in this place are used to represent the social status of an individual. The styles also help in giving distinctions between people of diverse kinship, age, relations, or ethnicity. Over the years, cornrow styles have undergone different modifications as well as variations that are brought by modern styles.

Cornrow Styles for Women

Cornrow Braid Styles
In women, cornrow styles have many variations. One of the famous variations is when the hair is braided while the remaining hair is left without any changes. For those who wanted more styles for their cornrow, they can go for options like crimping, creating waves, or curling. Weave extension is also a good additional for cornrow styles.

Cornrow Styles for Men
Apparently, men of today are also interested in wearing cornrow hairstyles. Both famous celebrities and sports personalities are seen wearing cornrow designs on their hair. Many children as well are seen sporting different designs or patterns of cornrow styles.


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