How To Get Rid Of Fungus From Acrylic Nails

Nail finger fungus is not easily treated because the fungus infection lies underneath nail. So, basically it is protected and the nail bed remains moist which aggravates the fungal infection. However, you can treat it at home if you wish to.

Cure for Nail Fungus

Methods for the Cure of Nail Fungus

Keeping the nail dry is a must which is why you must keep the hands off water and also sweating must be prevented. You must wear gloves while bathing, washing dishes, etc. now in order to do the cure for nail fungus, remove the nail paint. This would help the light to reach the nail which is a must in the time of infection. Fungus grow more in dark areas so just when you discover that you have infection, immediately wear off the nail paint.

Now trying home remedies is a good idea. Mixing apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in equal proportions and soaking hands in it for about 45 minutes.  Repeating this process for several days would help to ease the situation. It is also suggested using a cap full of bleach mixed in a glass of water. Soap the hands in this solution for about a minute and then do this process everyday for several days till so watch the fungus being alleviated.

Also you can use topical creams for the cure for nail fungus. So this was all about the treatment which can be done for nail fungal infection. So do it and visit a doctor if the condition is severe.


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