What Types Of Perms Are There

Perms or permanent waves are highly demanding nowadays because of the style statement it creates for women. It involves a process wherein hair is treated with chemicals and modified the hair structure. With this process, a person who has poker straight hair can achieve bouncy and luscious curls.

Perms gives every woman a total new look and an attractive fashion statement. Whether tight perms or soft bouncy perms, it surely adds a different shade to your personality. If you are sick and tired of your straight hair then try to make a change of hairstyle by wearing perms.

Types of Hair Perms

There are different types of perms available that can be achieved through various processes. One of the common processes is the curl reformation. Even in the ancient times, the desire of curling tresses had been noticed already. Early women would tie their wet hair with paper to achieve curls. Meanwhile, ancient Egyptians use another method for their permanent waves by wrapping their hair around wooden sticks. They even add layers of mud on their hair and have it baked under the sun eventually resulting to curly locks.

Today, the process of perming is relatively more advanced as its uses two major components. The first component wraps the hair around the rods to achieve curls while the second component uses chemical treatments in order to achieve curls.

Since different types of perms are achieved through various processes, you can always choose the best one that will suit your hair texture and personality. These types include body wave perms, multi-textured perms, pin curl perms, root perms, stack perms, spiral perms, spot perms, weave perms, gentle wavy perms, partial spiral perms, and volumizing perms.

Permed Hairstyles Picture Gallery

Lindsay Lohan Perm StyleLong Perm Hairstyle
Lindsay Lohan Perm StyleLong Perm Hairstyle


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