How to do Emma Roberts Hairstyles

The hairstyles of Emma Roberts have always been fabulously smooth and sleek, and remarkable. One of her popular hairstyles is the half-style that she wore at the 42nd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. This hairstyle is surely casted with magical charm. The hair was trimmed on this hairstyle and tightly pulled into half-down and half-up style. The thick bangs of Emma were side swept, which indeed give a great look for her high hairline.

Emma Roberts Popular Hairstyles

Emma Roberts Hairstyle

Another famous hairstyle of Emma Roberts was the style that she wore at the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards. The hairstyle was layered throughout the hair ends and has a long length. It was added with heavier layers around the face of Emma. The layers created a texture for the hair and weight is eliminated. The soft open waves of the hairstyle had created a casual feel and look to Emma. The side swept bangs that go with this hairstyle is an ideal styling option for those who have longer facial shapes.

The smooth and sleek hairstyle of Emma Roberts gave her the stunning look since her personality and features were enhanced with it. This hairstyle of Emma is styled by pulling up the hair into a side style at lower back of the head. To create a stunning finish for this hairstyle, lots of volume and body are added. The hairstyle is great option for finer types of hair as it can fit almost all occasions.

Another hairstyle popularized by Emma Roberts is the sexy cut whereas the style is done in sexy and simple ways. Her locks were cut into layers that frame the face around the sides and on the top. This hairstyle is easy to maintain if done with regular trims.


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