How To Pluck Eyebrows

Eyebrow plucking is an art. Eyebrow plucking should perfectly be timed. It all begins with a good tweezer and an idea of what brow shape fits your face. Eyebrow Plucking can make your eyes look bigger and give your face a clean, elegant look. Always pluck in the mandate from the nose to the ear. The brows are thicker closest to the nose and they should thin out correspondingly.

Eyebrow Plucking

If you want an arch for instance, gradually pluck hairs so that they peak a bit in the middle of the brow. Nearly all the woman believes that their eyes speak the language they want. Hence making once eyes preferable is natural and eyebrow plucking adds extra spice to this.

How to Pluck Your Eyebrows

Step by step instruction on how to pluck eyebrows:

Step One: Prep Your Brows

Remove any makeup to ensure you’re starting with your bare, natural eyebrows. This eliminates the chances of over-plucking or tweezing in the wrong areas and gives you a clear view of stray hairs. When removing hair, ensure the skin is makeup-free and cleansed. Use a makeup remover first to ensure there’s no residual dirt or makeup. In a time crunch, you can always use a makeup wipe. Always take a shower or apply a warm compress before tweezing your brows. The heat opens up the pores, making it less painful. Ensure the skin is clean, dry, not greasy, and free of lotions or creams.

Step Two: Gather Your Tools

For precision, use a slant-tipped tweezer like BrowGal Eyebrow Tweezers or Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezer. Have a pair of thin-blade scissors handy for trimming stray hairs. Avoid waxing your eyebrows yourself, as it requires skill and could lead to unintended results.

Step Three: Figure Out Your Shape

Start with a white pencil to outline your shape, allowing you to see how your eyebrows naturally grow and identify stray hairs. Color in these stray hairs with the white pencil to visualize your shape before plucking. Avoid eyeballing your shape, as it can lead to uneven brows. If you don’t have a white pencil, use the three steps of the Golden Ratio shaping technique to tailor your brow shape to your unique bone structure.

Step Four: Get Started, Slowly

Take your time and don’t rush. Set aside a lazy Sunday night for shaping your brows. Pluck no more than two hairs at a time before evaluating the shape. Isolate the hair by slowly lifting it from the skin and gently pull it in the direction of growth to avoid breakage or skin irritation.

Step Five: Aftercare

Clean your tweezers with soap or facial cleanser to eliminate bacteria after tweezing. If you experience redness, pat on a soothing moisturizer or use a gentle toner or aloe vera gel.

Step Six: Dress Them Up

Once the skin has calmed down, apply makeup to enhance your brows. Use products like Dipbrow Pomade, Brow Wiz, or Tinted Brow Gel to take your brows to the next level. Experiment with different products to find what works best for you.

  • If the hairs are very long, it is perfectly okay to trim them with manicure scissors. Trimming them can make a big dissimilarity.
  • Starting on the inside of the brow, slowly tweeze the bottom of your brow until the outer corner is half the width of the interior corner of the brow.

Best tips on how to pluck eyebrows

  • Wash the area thorough so that it is not left oily.
  • A tweezer with a pointed or slanted tip will grip the hairs best.
  • Always pluck under the brow line, so the hair coming back will follow the normal arch of your brow.
  • Pluck some hairs and then stop. Look in the mirror, step back, and observe how you are doing.


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