What is Fanned Mohawks Hairstyles

Fanned Mohawks are one of the famous versions of Mohawk styles. In this hairstyle, the left and right sides of the head are shaved while leaving a strip of hair on the middle looking like spiking fan.

However, the higher and longer the spike, the more it requires maintenance. Fanned Mohawks are applicable for straight hair but today people have been doing creative styles for the haircut such as curly fanned Mohawk, braided Mohawk, and many more. One popular wearer of Fanned Mohawks is Sanjaya Malakar, one of the finalists of American Idol.

Fanned Mohawks Hairstyles History

The term “Fanned Mohawks” is named as this because of its resemblance to a fan. One early user of this kind of haircut is Wattie Buchan of “The Exploited”. In Britain, the haircut is more known as the “charged” style. For instance, GBH (punk rock veterans) would call themselves as “Charged GBH” to avoid bewilderment with another band using GBH moniker. Until today, the term is still being used in most punk circles.
According to many teenagers of today, Fanned Mohawks is one of the latest trends of hair styling because of its uniqueness. However, research shows that there is only approximately 25% of the current generation would love adorning the haircut.

In reality, Fanned Mohawks are very simple. People who are interested in wearing the haircut should be prepared mentally to face wheezes of horrors.


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