How to do Formal Hairstyles for Women

Formal hairstyles are often what one would call an updo, although there are plenty of down styles that are considered formal simply for the elegance that they embody.

Formal hairstyles are not the norm for daily life, but rather hair that is done especially for a single event like wedding or prom. The formal hairstyles tend to be full of product and preparation.

Formal Hairstyles for Women

There are plenty of updo formal hairstyles to choose from. These hairstyles include ponytails that are shaped to be formal with added jewelries and trinkets. Common formal hairstyles ideas includes: updos for prom & wedding, half-updos, bun, elegant ponytails and more.

Formal ponytails can come in a large number of styles and can include curls or fancy decorations.

Buns are also a hot item for formal updo styles. These buns are not the run of the mill buns that women wear to keep their hair out of their way. These buns often have hair purposely hanging out of them and often include fancy ties and ornaments.

Formal Hairstyles Tips

Because of the complexity and the value of the ornaments and styling, it is not common to see formal hairstyles in one’s day-to-day routine.

Formal hairstyles tend to be more for special events such as socials and formal gatherings. These styles are meant to impress and often do that with ease and grace.

10 Formal Hairstyles

No. 1

A simple loose curl style. With hair completely down, is versatile and suitable for various hair lengths, from short to long. It pairs perfectly with one-shoulder, strapless, two-strap, or long-sleeve dresses, enhancing the overall look. This hairstyle complements different dress styles and can also be worn with suits or any other attire. Whether parted in the middle or on the side, this look is universally flattering.

No. 2

We’re going to keep the hair completely down. Just take a tiny pinch of hair from your bangs; you could do a little more or a little less, but not too much to avoid them looking like dragon antennas. Then, take about an inch of hair from the side, starting an inch into your part and twist it backward away from that side towards the back wall. Secure these pieces with a bobby pin at the back. Repeat on the other side. This creates a super boho chic look, very casual but can be dressed up. You can even poof out some of these pieces for added volume.

No. 3

We’re going to flip all of the hair to one side, completely flipping it over. You can add a little bit of teasing and some hairspray. It will be harder to brush through. You’re going to reach behind your head and take a tiny piece from the bottom, then bobby pin it underneath. Pull all the upper hair over it, and loosen it a bit for a super effortless and loose look. This way, it’s secured to one side, and I would just leave this completely out.

No. 4

We’re actually going to keep all of the hair on one side, except for a tiny bit that we’ll put back on the other side. Then, we’ll bring the rest of it completely to one side again and create a very loose braid. Once you reach the very bottom, go ahead and secure it with a clear tie. I shed so much hair! So, I pull the tie down a little bit, and then from the very bottom, I start loosening up the pieces. I just kind of pull the side pieces apart and want to pull them upward and outward, widening the braid basically so it’s super like flower petals. Then, you’re going to take the braid and turn it over, so it just sits there and pulls the hair away from your face. And there you have your wispy braid.

No. 5

We’re going to keep this exact braid in our hair, but what we’re going to do to spice it up is by adding these little gems. I don’t know if everyone’s into these gems, but I used to love them when I used to get updos and stuff in high school. Take these little gems, flowers, or stones, or whatever, and just kind of place them throughout the braid in places where they look really cute. You just twist these in. I know that they sell these at places like Icing, Sally’s, and I think they even sell them at Walmart. You just twist them into your braid, super sporadic, and it just makes it have something a little bit extra.

No. 6

We are going to do a side pony, but we’re going to… I don’t know if this is the right word, but I was going to call it ‘invert it.’ You’re just taking a ponytail and putting a little elastic on it. Then, I split it in the middle, so I’m going to be wrapping the hair inward through the split in my hair, basically going into my head. I grasp the ponytail and pull it through, then soften it up. Here’s another look: if you want, you can take a little piece of hair and wrap it around to cover the elastic, but this is totally optional.

No. 7

It’s going to be a half-up, half-down kind of ponytail with a piece wrapped around it. So, you’re going to take a little portion of your hair. I go from right above my ears, leaving out a few wispy pieces, just right above my ears, and then I drag upward, holding both sides really tight. I’m going to pull it tight. Then, I’m going to take a tiny little piece of hair from right underneath at the back of my head because this part I’m wrapping around. So, I’m just wrapping this hair around a couple of times and then taking a bobby pin. I’m just going to pin it to the back of my scalp, right to the back of my scalp, and then flip the hair over and do a little bit more tightening and kind of tugging on these pieces to get it right where I want it. So, that is your cute half-up, half-down with a twisted ponytail piece of hair.

No. 8

We’re going to take two little pieces out again, and I’m keeping my hair parted in the middle because I like that look lately. I’m just going to put my hair back, and I’m going to take two other little pieces around my temple area out, and then another piece around my sideburn area. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Then I’m just going to take the rest of my hair, kind of pull it back. I’m sectioning off about this much of my hair. I’m going to let it droop and relax. I’m going to take one of these little clips. As you can see, that looks beautiful from the back, and I’m just going to pull on it a little bit so it’s kind of more relaxed. Then I’m just going to pull on these pieces right here to loosen it because I don’t want it to be too tight or anything. I want it to be very soft and whimsical.

No. 9

We’re going to flip the head over and put all of this up, going to plonk it just a little bit to tighten it, and then flip it forward immediately. I’m going to put it in a braid, so you’re just going to start like this, wrapping it. So I’m just wrapping the braid around itself and creating a bun. I’m going to take a Bobby pin to secure it, and if it looks weird or lopsided, then just kind of fix it. Sorry, my hair is too tall for this seat. This is for those girls who do not want to deal with their hair at all all night, or maybe you have that beautiful bone structure or jaw structure. You can take some pieces down and kind of leave it a little bit wispy if you want, or you can just have it all up and slicked back like a ballerina and not deal with it all night long, but still have that cool, chic, pretty, elegant, you know, form to it since it’s a braid. So, this, like I said, is number nine, and last but not least, as I’m undoing this braid, is my favorite of all.

No. 10

I pull some pieces down, and it’s in a high ponytail as you can see. I take a little piece from underneath, just like I was doing earlier, to wrap around and hide this thick hair tie. It’s wrapping the piece around itself, grabbing a Bobby pin, fix your little whiskers, and that is it. This is kind of my go-to look whenever my hair is acting up or if I haven’t washed it in like a few days or something. But yeah, this is number 10, and this is the cute pony. So, that is all 10 looks.


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