How to do French Beard Cuts

French beard cuts or French crop is a combination of a small beard bridge attached to a mustache and a goatee look. This style is quite sophisticated but recommended for men to wear.

French beard cuts is really cool. It is the best cut that will make men look great and cool. It suits men with round faces since it turns a boyish look into a mature look, which can be important in some scenarios such as in jobs. This haircut also raised the confidence level of the wearer.

The term “French Cut” was first heard during the period of Elizabethan. It is referred as a hairstyle intended to groom the facial hair of men. The beard of French Cut was medium in length and cut to frame the face and kept it rounded with thinner lines in the mustaches area. As the years passed by, French Cut gained popularity and variant names such as “Caesar Crop” and “French Crops”.

Popular French Beard Haircut Styles

Chin Curtain Style

The Chin Curtain is a style of French beard cuts that is often seen in media. It is achieved by growing facial hair along the lower jaw portion of the face following the jaw line. Although, this style is mostly seen in many Amish men, modern variants of this hairstyle came to emerge as well by trimming the facial hair into ultra thin lines or patterns along the jaw.

Goatee French Beard Haircut

Another style of French beard cuts is the Goatee, which had been very popular throughout the history. This style is seen with many different variations. It is achieve by confining the facial hair on the chin area. It can be grown full & long, and worn close-trimmed. Some modern variants of this style are seen with close-trimmed and covering the entire low area of the bottom lip or the chin.

Goatee with Moustache

The Goatee with Moustache is another popular French beard cuts. It is simply achieve by adding moustache on the Goatee style. It is now seen in close-trimmed and long variants, and even shaped to be more rounder or squared depending on the facial shape of the wearer.


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