How to do French Manicure

What is French Manicure

French manicure is one of the most common and highly appreciated styles of wearing the nail polish. From casual look to the evening elegance, French manicure seems to fit into any occasion for every woman.  If you wish to do French manicure at home, then here is what you need to do.

French Manicure

Things you’ll need for French Manicure:

  • Rubbing alcohol,
  • nail brushes,
  • nail files,
  • manicure scissors,
  • nail buffers,
  • cotton swabs,
  • nail clippers,
  • French manicure kits,
  • manicure kits and
  • nail cleaner.

You would also require tip guide strips, base/ top coat, neutral polish and a white polish.

Methods of doing French Manicure

  • Shape the nails and file them to get a groomed look firstly after which push back the cuticles and then wash them. Dry the nails completely and then apply the base or top coat over nails.
  • Allow it to dry and then peel off guide strip and fix it just below the tip of your nails. Make sure your follow natural curve while doing so. This would help you to paint the white tip evenly with an ease.
  • Now decide putting on the guide strip according to the length of your natural nails. If you have long nails, then the white tip should also be long.
  • Now paint each tip white with the white nail polish and do not get it over your body. Allow this paint to dry and then remove the guides. Dissolve the leftovers by rubbing cotton swab dipped into alcohol and then apply two coats of natural polish.


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