Full Coverage Powder Makeup

Full coverage powder makeup is an alternative to the makeup done by the expert makeup artists. Not everyone can afford to get makeup done from artist. So if you wish to attend a party where you want your look to be gorgeous, then go for full coverage powder makeup. Here are the easy steps of doing it.


Powder makeup is either loose powder or pressed which has to be worn over foundation. Or it can be combination of powder along with foundation. This full coverage is aimed to make the makeup long lasting.

Pressed Powder

This powder is very user friendly. It can be kept handy when you are traveling which is because of its small container which has a mirror and powder puff in it. It is ideal for giving quick touch ups, especially in parties. Pressed powder has many forms. Some of them are pore-minimizing, oil-control, long-lasting and some of them have SPF for the protection against sun. Reason why you should buy pressed powder is that it is a lot easier to apply than liquid foundation. It is also good for oil- prone skin. In case powder does not suit your skin, read out the ingredients of the pressed powder and consult from dermatologist.

Loose Powder

Loose powder also is used for full coverage powder makeup. The problem with loose powder is that it is not easy to carry. The best thing about loose powder is its flawless soft look which cannot be given by compact pressed powder. The latest trend is that of mineral makeup which is made up of natural ingredients. It does not harm the skin and gives sheer coverage to the skin. It is great in hiding acne and blemishes. Just a small amount of loose powder would be sufficient. The problem with loose powder is that it is not ideal for giving frequent touch ups. It can spill by mistake which is why it is suggested not to carry it in purse.

Application of full coverage powder makeup

Loose powder is very easy to apply. Take a very small amount of it over the sponge and tap off the extra amount. Sweep it in one direction and apply all over face and neck. This would give a great smooth look. Then applying pressed powder is also very easy. So this is all about full coverage powder makeup. Do it and get a gorgeous looking face.


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