How to do Geisha Hairstyle

Geisha hairstyles portray a sensual mystery and sexy femininity to women. It is a very popular type of hairstyle among Asian women especially Japanese women. This hairstyle is usually combined with a kimono dress.

To give additional flair to the hairstyle, the kimono dress is usually associated with butterfly sleeves. The kimono dresses are also available in mini-skirt length and non-traditional geisha colors such as baby blue and pink.

A geisha hairstyle is usually worn with hair piled high on the head top. It can be styled with several rolls or buns if the hair of the wearer is naturally thick. The rolls or buns are placed strategically around the crown of the head or at the nape of the neck.

On the other hand, if the wearer has a shorter length of hair, a traditional geisha wig is also available. Such wig is usually lightweight and fun to wear as well. A geisha hairstyle can be accessorized with hair ornaments such as skinny strand of pearls, tiny bows, artificial flowers, and lacquered chopsticks.

How to Achieve Geisha Hairstyle

Achieving a geisha hairstyle can be very time-consuming therefore enough time should be allotted. Moreover, the hair of the wearer must be prepared as well by applying mousse throughout after washing with volumizing shampoo.

Geisha Hairstyle Picture

Geisha Hairstyle Picture


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