How to do Gothic Makeup

Gothic culture has an extreme appearance when it comes to its colors, accessories, hair, and clothing. One of the important features that complete the Gothic appearance is the makeup.

Gothic makeup physically expresses the true nature and personality of being a Goth. It can be harsh, dark, or just beautiful. When we say gothic makeup, it does not necessarily mean that it is heavy in appearance. There is also the so-called soft Goth, which is the softer version of the traditional heavy makeup of Gothic culture. Different Goths express their styles through colors and techniques of their makeup. Apparently, if you are not a Goth yet you wanted to wear a Gothic makeup for a different look, it can be very challenging for a start.

Applying Gothic Makeup – Tips & Tricks

The Gothic makeup does not need any formal introduction. It can make anyone appear to be a romantic mortal of the night. The appearance that the makeup creates is menacing and dark because of the overall black makeup. The makeup often uses stormy colors such as deep plum, intense navy, cloudy silver, and charcoal gray. These colors are often used and applied on the eye lids and lips. Today, the Gothic makeup has a new modern approach that will not give anyone the look of a vampire.

The modern day Gothic makeup is subtle. The makeup look does not need to be like of those pages in fashion magazines. The foundation to be used should be lighter than the natural skin tone of the wearer. It should be well-blended down the chest and the neck.

The Gothic eye makeup should be blackest and fiercely smoky. It can be achieved by using effective liquid eyeliner. For the lipstick, choose a berry or deep red shade with matte finish. To increase the eerie factor of your Gothic look, use purple or light blue contact lenses.


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