How to Get Gucci Straight Hairstyle

Gucci straight hairstyle is a popular Italian hairstyle that looks similar with a sharp edged grass. In some salons, this hairstyle is known as “Blade”. In achieving this kind of hairstyle, there are some required things to prepare that include straightening brush, hair dryer, straightening iron, and hair spray for pump effects. For extra styling, wax or gel can also be used.

Gucci straight hairstyle is iconic fashion in most runways of fashion show. Its modern style is made in tousled and messy tricks.

The fringe hairstyles and long red hairstyles are the popular types of Gucci straight hairstyle although loose and long straight hairstyles are still very trendy today.

How to Get Gucci Straight Hairstyle

Gucci Straight Hairstyle

In wearing a Gucci straight hairstyle, you must know the best type that will suit your face. Keep in mind that this hairstyle has a very sharp look, making the hair look almost crispy. Moreover, this hairstyle involves technique of straightening iron, which can leave hair dehydrated if used regularly. It is best to wear such kind of hairstyle for big dates only.

The wearer can use different types of conditioner and shampoo for Gucci straight hairstyle. For nourishment of the straight hairstyle, there are special kinds of moisturizers that can also be used. Essential hair oil is also best for managing and maintaining the straight style.


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