Solutions and Tips for Undoing Unwanted Results

Let’s say you color your hair with permanent hair color: what if you hate the result? Is there anything that can take the color out?

Go to a chemist and purchase a color-remover kit, which will pull a portion of the hair color pigment from strands. You can also wash your hair three or four times with hot water (to force open the cuticles) and clarifying shampoo. Dish soap also works well. Don’t forget to deep condition afterwards, or your hair will be more brittle than straw.

A better solution, in my opinion, is to visit a hairdresser that specializes in corrective color and let them fix the mistake. Color chemicals are funny things; you never know how they are going to react.

A professional who is trained in fixing color mistakes can not only extract the offending color, he or she can nudge your hair back to your natural shade – or another desired color – with as little damage to your hair as possible.

If you change your mind about your new hair color, do not despair. A color specialist can help you return your hair to its previous shade – or even a new shade – with minimum damage.


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