How to do Hairstyles and Hair Care in Winter

The dryness of cold winter can be very dangerous to the hair. It makes the hair dry easily because of the changing from dry cold weather outside to dry indoor heating, and vice versa. To ensure that the hair or hairstyle does not get damaged or exposed to dryness, doing preventative steps of hair care must be taken. 

Winter Season Hair Care Tips

Winter Hairstyles & Hair Care

Wearing a cap, hat, or scarf to protect hair from the wind and cold is necessary. However, it should not be so tight to allow circulation on the hair scalp. Using conditioner everyday is part of hair care regime during winter season. Once the hair is moist, wash the hair with cold water to lock in moisture and give extra shine to the hair. Going outside cold weather with wet hair is a restriction. This will allow risk breakage to the hair because of freezing.

During winter season, the use of hot items like curling irons and blow dryers on hair is a big “no” since it will only damage the hair. In case you need to use any of the items, make sure to use a leave-on conditioner before using the items on the hair. The use of hot water can damage and dry out hair, thus avoid it. Hair products that promise replenishment on hair are best during winter season as this can moisturize the hair.

The popular hairstyles to wear during winter season include pinned-up, twists, waves, Mohawks, and braids.


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