What Hairstyles is Best For Fat Faces

If you have a fat face and double chins, you must be careful enough in choosing the appropriate hairstyles that will go best to your facial features. A hairstyle that will add length and not width to your face is essentially needed. To hide the fatness of the face, tapering the ends below chin would be necessary.

Short Haircuts For Fat Faces

Hairstyles For Fat Faces

Short hairstyles for fat faces are only best if styled in the right manner. If the hair is too short in length or style, it will not look good on a fat face as this will only show much roundness of the face. Instead, choose a short hairstyle that ends a little below the chin or above the chin.

Layered Bob Haircut

A smoothly layered bob cut is great for fat faces. In this hairstyle, the length should past the cheeks as this will give a smooth appearance to the area of the cheek making it look less fat. It can be added with side bangs to avoid showing of the forehead.

Short Shag Hairstyle Look

A short shag is also best for fat faces as this help lessen the width of the face. To make this hairstyle look more beautiful, it can still be modified further. Probably, this hairstyle can be considered as a best hairstyle for fat faces.

Stylish Updo for Fat Faces

One cool hairstyle for fat faces is the stylish updo wherein the hair is piled on the crown certainly adding length to the hair. This hairstyle can be added with voguish hair accessories to make it more attractive.

Short Pixie Haircut

A short pixie haircut may also be a good option for fat faces since it is very easy to maintain and achieve. This hairstyle can be added with layers and spikes to make it more fashionable.


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