What is the Best Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Hairstyles for fine hair are quite difficult to achieve. Only a good hairstylist with skills in precision cutting can make the hairstyles perfect for the wearer. The hairstyles can be explored with styles like heavy bangs, short, and layers.

Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Hairstyles that require excessive blow drying are not good for fine hair as this will only dry the hair and make the hair even more prone to breakage.

Moreover, do not wear hairstyles that are prone to split ends because fine hair has a tendency to split easily.

Popular Hairstyles for Fine Hair

The perfect hairstyle for fine hair is the bob style. This can be very manageable style for fine hair. A fine hair always works well with bangs no matter what the face shape is. Waves and curls also benefit immensely for fine hair. This is good especially if the wearer has a long face as it will ease and contrast the severity of the vertical lines on the face.

Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Hairstyles for fine hair should be kept in shorter cuts or shoulder lengths. It should be created with layers to achieve illusion of thickness for the hair. Avoid those hairstyles that associate razor cuts as these will only make the hair appear shredded. Razor cuts for fine hair are only applicable if the hair stylist is professional in razor cutting.

Hairstyles For Short Fine Hair

Asymmetrical Bob:

This trend-setting style adds volume to your hair and definition to your face. Keep your asymmetrical bob ultra-sleek by applying our Weightless Wonder Smoothing Crème to keep any flyaways at bay without weighing your hair down. Don’t be put off by this edgy look – it’s the ultimate flattering face-framer.

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Side-part Bob:

An easy trick to create instant lift is to switch your side part the other way, lifting the hair from the root for a fuller style! If your hair starts to drop, simply swish it to the other side. This is a really easy short hairstyle for fine hair, and takes just minutes to do.

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Bob With Bangs:

A blunt bob with bangs does require regular trims, but it’s the perfect pairing to give the illusion of thicker hair. If you fancy rebooting the classic 80s crimping trend which is taking the style mags by storm, you can add even more volume to your look.

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Angled Bob:

An angled bob looks great when it’s poker straight to really showcase those trendy sharp lines. Fine hair can be more prone to damage, so apply a few spritzes of our Heat Defeat Protecting Spray before using any heated tools.

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Medium Length Hairstyles For Fine Hair

You may feel a little restricted when it comes to finding a hairstyle for shoulder-length fine hair – but think again! A shorter length can help fine hair look fuller, and there are plenty of ways to change up your look.

Messy Lob:

A messy lob is perfect if you have layered, shoulder-length fine hair. Ask your hairdresser to cut in choppy layers to instantly amplify the movement and volume in your hair. Add texture and boost your roots with our Volume Lift Thickening Mousse – apply to damp hair for natural-feeling volume.
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Mid-length Bangs:

You may be thinking bangs are a little scary, but trust us, fine hair can benefit and look fuller with an eyebrow-grazing blunt fringe. If you take the leap with this bold style, leave the rest of your hair longer to give the illusion of more body.
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Bouncy Blow-Dry:

A classic bouncy blow-dry will always give you enviable volume. To ensure your style lasts, use our Volume Lift Thickening Blow Out Spray on towel-dried hair before blow-drying.
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Dutch Braids:

Braided hair will never go out of style; braids look great on all hair types. To create the look of extra thickness, once your locks are braided, tease small sections to bring out strands of hair for a beachy vibe with added texture.
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Hairstyles For Long Fine Hair

Tousled Loose Waves:

Wavy hairstyles instantly add volume to your hair without causing damage from heat styling! Achieve effortless waves by washing your hair with our Weightless Wonder Shampoo and Conditioner, then braiding it before bedtime. Release the braids in the morning for beautiful, tousled waves. Pro tip: the more braids you create, the more pronounced your waves will be.

Messy High Ponytail:

Messy hairstyles instantly add texture to fine hair, making them perfect for any occasion. This effortless up-do is easy to achieve: backcomb your roots, gather your hair, and secure it with a tie. For extra volume, pull out select strands.

Long Layers:

Layers are great for giving the illusion of thicker and fuller hair, and they suit every face shape and hair length. Check out our guide to super-chic layered hairstyles for more inspo.

Wet Look:

This trend-setting style is a true showstopper! Achieve an ultra-sleek and glamorous look by slicking back your locks with our lightweight Weightless Wonder Smoothing Crème. Remember, less is more when applying product—start with a small amount and add more if needed.


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