How to do Half Moon Manicure

Half moon manicure is very appreciated by women these days because it is easy to do and it gives a stylish look to the nails. However, not many women can do half moon manicure with an ease which is why here are the steps with the help of which you would be able to do it at home only.

Half Moon Manicure

Things you will need for Half Moon Manicure

  • Gather items like nail polishes (whichever shades you wish to apply),
  • stickers,
  • base and top coat,
  • nail polish remover and cotton wool.

Methods of doing Half Moon Manicure

  • Firstly, remove the old nail polish if in case you are wearing any with nail polish remover and cotton wool. Then soak hands in warm water for 10 minutes and then push back the cuticles with Q- Tip.
  • Now apply base coat to the nail which would help to protect the nails. Allow it to dry and then apply sticker along the half moons tightly over the curve of the nails without actually covering the part of nail which you wish to color.
  • Now take one nail paint shade and apply it over the half moons neatly. Give this nail polish few minutes to dry and then remove the sticker. Now light sheer pink top coat over the entire nail so as to attain natural look.
  • Finish off the whole process by the application of few drops of cuticle oil over the nails. So this is how half moon manicure is done. Do it for few times till you get perfect.


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