How to do Halle Berry Hairstyles

Date of Birth: August 14, 1968.
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio.
Nickname: Hannah Little.
Birth Name: Halle Maria Berry.
Sign: Leo.
Height: 5’9.
Ethnicity: Mixed.
Country of Origin: United States.

Halle won Miss Teen All-American Pageant that ultimately led her career as a mode. Her acting career started with the short appearances in Living Dolls, and Knots Landing.

Halle Berry Hairstyle

Although her debut as a lead star in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever in 1991. Berry next appeared in a sequence of movies including Boomerang and Losing Isaiah. She won a Golden Globe award for her role in Warren Beatty’s Bullworth and in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. Her role as Storm in The X-Men put Berry on the top. Then came Berry’s most appreciated performance in Monster’s Ball with Billy Bob Thornton and Sean Combs, which won her the Oscar for Best Actress.

Off screen, the 41-year-old Berry was thrilled about expecting her first baby with boyfriend, male supermodel Gabriel Aubry in 2007. The actress gave birth to a baby girl, in Los Angeles on March 16, 2008. Several months later, she was voted Esquire Magazine’s “Sexiest Woman Alive”.

Popular Hairstyles of Halle Berry:

Halle Berry Short Hairstyle

Halle Berry’s hairstyles vary from playful and sexy cuts to stiff long ringlets or straight and simple styles that make her look great with short, long or medium length styles. The “boomerang” star looks awesome with her short boyish razored cut, which is pointed on the sides, and rough cut through the centre portion to develop a cluttered but stylish look that is easy to create and maintain. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have Oval, Square, Heart, Diamond, and Triangular face shape and the body weight must be thin and Average. To style this kind of hairs twist the ends up and out with your wax to create this textured look.

Super Short Hairstyle

Berry’s super short hairstyle has “flexibility” written all over it. Her short layered cut is grained all through for easy styling and a funky finish. This haircut is the extremely short and curled look which was messy and elegant she wore this in 2003. When she first came into the limelight her mode has been noted as a gasp of fresh air in Hollywood. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have Oval, Oblong, Square, and Diamond face cuts.

How To Do Halle Berry Short Hairstyle

Apply Gel to Roots

Make sure your hair is damp, then apply gel to your fingers and rub it into your roots for maximum hold.

Comb Hair

Comb your hair into your desired styling direction.

Use a Blow Dryer and Fingers to Dry Your Hair

Dry your hair with a blow dryer, using your fingers to separate the hair. Start by drying the roots first, then move to the mid-lengths and ends. Drying the roots first prevents your hairstyle from falling flat.

Wax the Back of Hair Out

Use wax on your fingers to grab the mid-lengths of your hair, then drag it out and upwards for a full and messy result. Avoid overdoing the wax to prevent a flat and greasy style.

Style Sides Messy Using Wax

Apply wax to your sides using your fingertips and mess the hair in a circular motion. Piece out the ends as you go for a messy look. Use a small amount of wax for a softer hold.

Pinch Hair for Texture Using Wax

Finish the look by applying wax to your fingertips, then pinch the wax onto the ends of your hair for texture. Apply as much or as little as needed.

Style Bangs Forward Using Wax

Apply a small amount of wax to your fingertips, then rake through your bangs, pinching the ends as you go to create a feathered, textured effect.

Apply Hairspray

Finish by applying a minimal amount of hairspray from an arm’s length distance to the top, sides, and back. Avoid using too much to prevent a white, flaky residue.

Halle Berry Medium Hairstyle

Berry’s hairs cut throughout her mid-lengths to allow movement to her bottoms and add to her flicks for an amazing finish. This hairstyle is easy to do, manage and style. This cut is very much suitable for moms, and women who don’t have much time to style their hair. This is a very crunchy, cool style and cut.

Halle Berry Medium Straight Hairstyle
Halle Berry Medium Straight Hairstyle

How To Do Halle Berry Medium Hairstyle

Apply Moisturizer

Apply a small amount of hair moisturizer to your palm and distribute it evenly through the mid-lengths and ends. This helps maintain hair condition and protects strands from heat during styling.

Apply Sculpture Lotion

Apply sculpture lotion evenly throughout your hair. This can be used as an alternative to mousse for creating a messy look, as a styling aid for volume when blow-drying, or for a stronger hold.

Part to the Left

Use the corner of your comb to find the middle of your left eye. Drag the comb straight up slowly until you reach your hairline, then continue back in a straight manner to achieve an even left part. A side part is suitable for longer face shapes as it creates the illusion of width.

Section Hair

Divide your hair into four equal sections, two in front and two in the back, starting from ear to ear. Working in sections makes styling quicker, easier, and more orderly.

Use a Medium Radial Brush

Use a medium radial brush on medium to long hair to smooth out wavy or curly textures or to add body to straight hair. Opt for a brush with pure bristles to prevent hair damage.

Blow-dry the Back Under

Start blow-drying at the nape/back, placing the brush under the hair close to the nape. Pull the brush from roots to mid-lengths, curving the ends under. Repeat until dry.

Blow-dry the Sides Under

Take out a small section of hair from the front, clip the rest away, and blow-dry by pulling the brush and hair forward around your face. Turn the ends under. Repeat until dry.

Blow-dry the Crown

Take small sections of hair and blow-dry with the brush placed under the hair. Follow the brush in an upwards direction at the roots and outwards at the ends for volume. Continue until dry.

Wax Hair Down at the Back

Apply wax to fingertips and pull through the ends of your hair in a downward motion for a sculptured look. Pinch clumps of hair in different directions for a messier result.

Style Sides Down Using Wax

Work a small amount of wax through mid-lengths and ends in a downward, pinching motion for added texture.

Lift Roots Using Wax

Apply hard wax to fingertips and rub into roots while lifting strands for soft volume.

Apply Smoothing Shine

Apply a small amount of smoothing shine to palms and run through mid-lengths and ends. Avoid roots to prevent weighing down hair.

Apply Hairspray

Finish with a minimal amount of hairspray from an arm’s length distance to avoid a white, flaky residue.

Halle Berry Chin Length Bob Hairstyle

This celebrity is one of the few that has continuously overhauled her short hairstyles. Recently Halle Berry revived her look by cutting her hair to a stylish chin length bob, using toffee brown hair color to give her hairs more aspects. This Oscar winner looks stunning in her sizzling brown tresses where long layers have been made to add extra volume and leap to these tight twisted curls that make Halle more stylish and playful, no bangs are needed because the voluminous curls do all of the work.

Halle Berry Long Curly Updo Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

This elegant upstyle showcased at the 2008 Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala perfectly complemented Halle’s beauty. The pinned-up back exuded sophistication, while the addition of sexy side-swept bangs softened her look, creating a truly elegant style.

Halle Berry Long Curly Updo Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs
Halle Berry Long Curly Updo Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Hairstyle Type

Category: Formal
Length: Updo Long
Elasticity: Curly

Haircut Technique:

Type: Not specified


Gender: Women
Face Shape: Round, Oval, Heart, Triangular
Hair Density: Medium/Thick
Hair Texture: Medium/Coarse
Age: Under 21, 21 – 30, 31 – 40, and 41 – 50
Height: Any
Weight: Thin/Average/Large
Forehead Height: Short/Average
Neck Length: Short/Average
Ears: Small/Average
Nose: Small/Average
Glasses: No


Time: 30+ minutes
Tip: Allow up to 2 hours styling time for hot roller setting, teasing, pinning, and spraying. This long-lasting style is great for all occasions and all weather conditions.

Halle Berry Long Curly Hairstyles

While short hair style plays her up, when Halle Berry wears her hair long, the look is completely different.  Her hairstyles almost seems to overpower her when it is long.  The thick waves and curls in Halle Berry’s hair seem to steal the spotlight, making her appear more like a hair model and less like the superstar that she is. 

Halle Berry long hairstyles makes it difficult to focus on her face or eyes, and brings the attention lower to her hips and waist.

Halle Berry Long Curly Hairstyles


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