How to do Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup is something that we do once in a year. Its signature is usually a wicked look of seductress or green face. Without the ingenuity, creativity, and the bold color touches of this makeup, the Halloween costumes will surely be incomplete. Aside from the costumes, Halloween makeup can transform anyone into a character they try to portray.

Halloween makeup is a great alternative for those uncomfortable masks especially for kids. Kids do not enjoy wearing masks that are constricting and hot especially if they roam around the streets for their trick or treat activities. With the proper Halloween makeup, one can easily disguise without the hassles.

Face Painting & Halloween Makeup

Face paints are great materials for Halloween makeup. However, before applying the paints make sure that your face is washed and completely dry. For those who have oily skins, the choice of witch hazel is perfect as this stay better on oily skin. If you have skin allergies, ensure that the cosmetics or paints to be used are allergy-free. Real paints are not recommended instead go for those paints or cosmetics that can suit your skin.

Halloween Makeup for Children

Halloween makeup for children may not be advisable. However, if the situation requires, children may still wear the makeup as long as there is an adult supervision. Do not put on makeup on the eye area of the children because they tend to touch and rub their eyes or face more often. Among the popular Halloween makeup that people wear include the clown, the scar, wrinkles & bumps, moles & warts, teeth, fairy or princess, vampire, and animal looks.


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