What Hairstyle Suites Heart Face Shape

Heart face shape appears to have narrow jaw line and wide temples combined with delicate, small, and pointed chin. With this kind of face shape, adding width to the jaw line is essential since the cheekbones and eyes are the strongest points of the face.

For those who have short hair and yet with heart shape face, keep the top layers long and soft while those who have long hair should try wearing side-swept bangs. Wavy layers are also best for long hair as it makes the pointed chin appear rounder. Blunt cut bangs or harsh choppy layers are not good hairstyles for heart shaped face.

Hairstyling Options for Heart Face Shape

Heart Face Shape Hairstyle

Medium hairstyles are perfect options for heart shape face since it gives more structure to the face. This kind of hairstyle brings out the cheek bones a bit more of the usually pointed chin heart shape face. It can be added with bangs to balance the facial features. Slightly swept bangs is a medium hairstyle that use slight bangs and come in simple multi-layer cuts to enhance the facial features of a heart shape face. This hairstyle has choppy ends that frame the face.  Just the same, the crown of the hair is still the attention of such hairstyle without any extra waviness or curls are added.

Another type of medium hairstyle is a style that can frame and accentuate the facial features of a heart shape face. This hairstyle lifts the cheekbones and eyes by framing the hair around the chin area. Bangs are slightly parted on this hairstyle and some few layers are highlighted as well. A medium hairstyle with natural waviness is ideal for heart shape face since it makes the wearer look simple and sexy. The bangs of this hairstyle are swept slightly toward the outer edges and bring more attention to the eyebrows and eyes. The multi-layers are flowed down freely by the natural waviness making gentle refinement of the cheeks and lips.


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