Holiday Hair Styles

Holidays are the time to enjoy life by attending various parties, functions and events with friends and family which is why paying a special attention towards your look is mandatory. Besides choosing elegant outfits and cool accessories, you must try and have hairstyle because hairstyle can add a lot to your personality. Normally we spend hours in salons to get the perfect look and then pay hundred and thousands of dollars. So if you do not want to be one of them then you must try and do your own holiday hairstyles at home. If you do not know anything about them then here is what you require knowing.

Updos are Elegant

In holiday time, one of the most appreciated hairstyles is elegant updos. Even though they are time consuming but they go with almost every outfit, especially evening dresses. You could do it in dinners, parties or any other special outing. You could do a full hair updo or half updo. Best part of these is that they can be worn in any hair length and texture. Even though a professional would do it in a better way because of practice, you could do it too. Plus updos are not worn by everyone on daily basis so it can’t be called a regular hairstyle.

Create waves for a holiday event

If you plan to attend a Sunday brunch or some mid day party then having waves is a great option, especially if you have straight hair. Just spray hair voluminizer and dry the hair with the help of blow dryer after washing the hair. Then take small comb which would help you divide hair into several sections. Now take hot rollers and roll each section along with it and then secure it with a metal pin. When you are done with each section, wait for about 10 minutes and then remove them off. Use a light mist of hair spray to settle the styling.

Wear a Large Chignon

You could also have a large chignon in case you have long hair. For this blow dry the hair by lifting with the help of round brush and then pull the hair strands to make ponytail at the base of neck. Make a large bun out of it and clip the ends with bobby pins. So this is how you can make a large chignon. Try and sport it as it is one of the best holiday hair styles.


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