How to Cut A Shag Haircut

If you are looking for a different look that can keep you trendy and get you noticed yet have that professional look, a shag haircut would be a perfect choice.  Nowadays, a shag haircut is widely used in most offices today because of the more relaxed feeling it gives to the wearer. This haircut is convenient and comfortable to wear for everyday use giving the wearer the fun yet professional look.

Cutting a shag haircut is often done in salon. If you are opting for such kind of haircut, look for a good stylist inside a salon that can help you.  Although going to a salon can be expensive, it still helps you achieve the kind of haircut that you want such as the shag. Sometimes, it is better to go for an expensive salon rather than least expensive ones because of the quality.

Shag Hair Cuts, Shag Hairstyles Ideas

Shag Haircut Picture

The style of a shag haircut is more under control especially when you go to work. It can be up or loose depending on what you prefer to wear in office for the day.  Shag haircut is also one of the hottest hairstyle today because of its mussed and sassy look that contains lots of texture and layers.

Shag haircuts are cut with any hair length whether long, medium, or short. There are different lengths that can suit different features and face shapes. Commonly, stylist recommends the best length that can fit one’s physical features. Cutting shag haircuts can be time-consuming but once done it gives a look that can get you noticed. In shag haircuts, the hair near the head’s crown is cut short relatively. Meanwhile the remaining of the hair is cut in layers that increase in length around the head’s crown.


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