How to Cut Your Own Hair

Knowing how to cut your own hair can help you save money as well as time instead of going to expensive salons. It is also convenient and easy to do as long as you have the enough practice. As we all know haircut can help shape one’s personality in an entire new way.

However, most of us are relying much on trusted beauty salons and hair cutters when it comes to haircut experimentation. What people do not know is that the experimentation can be done by them.

Cutting your own hair is relatively simple as long as you believe on your hair cutting skills. You must also have the desire on learning how to cut your own hair. The process of learning may require few amount of practice time in order to become professional but on the contrary it is not difficult.

As long as you follow the simple steps and instructions, you can able to learn how to cut your own hair at your convenience. The most important thing is to learn first the basic haircut then you can go with experimentation or trying other various haircut styles.

Cutting Your Own Hair – Tips & Ideas

  • In cutting your own hair the supplies required include sharp set of scissors, shears, wide toothed comb, round brush, fine toothed comb, blow dryer, and spray bottle. Before beginning to cut the hair, make sure that the hair is washed and conditioned.
  • The hair should not be completely dried instead it should towel dried. In case you prefer not to wash your hair, spray it with water instead by using spray bottle.
  • Using normal parting, part your hair and comb it with a wide toothed comb until the knots are free.
  • Before cutting your own hair, decide first for the desired hair length to be cut. You can do this by starting to cut inch by inch or half inch by half inch.


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