How to Do a Pedicure

Doing a pedicure is a part of beauty regimen of every woman. Since feet are most vulnerable to the dust and dirt, they need regular deep cleansing routine to be soft and smooth. The only way to keep the foot neat and beautiful is to get regular pedicures. Doing pedicure at home is very easy if you do not want to waste money in salons. So here are the steps for how to do a pedicure at home.

Things you’ll need in Pedicure:

How to Do a Pedicure
  • Foot bath,
  • polish,
  • toe separators,
  • nail buffer,
  • cuticle nippers,
  • nail trimmer,
  • nail file,
  • foot brush,
  • foot file,
  • warm water,
  • cotton,
  • polish remover,
  • orange stick,
  • body lotion,
  • comfortable chair,
  • foot rest and
  • warm water.

How to Do a Pedicure – Method

  • Remove the nail polish which you are wearing with the help of cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover and then soak the foot in the warm water inside the foot bath for about 10 minutes.
  • The warm water would help to exfoliate the skin.  If you wish then you can add oil and shampoo inside the warm water for better results.
  • Now pat dry the feet and trim the nails followed by filing in desired shape. Now lather the foot in the lotion in order to moisturize it and buff the nails to get natural shine.
  • Now take nail paint and then apply base coat followed by colored nail polish.
  • End the process with application of protective top coat. So this is the process for how to do a pedicure at home.


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