How to Draw Anime Hair

Many people are interested in mastering on how to draw anime hair. Since anime is an art, different hairstyles look can be created from it. If you are interested in drawing anime hair, it is important that you have the ideas. You can achieve these ideas by studying drawings of other people who create Anime. Photos of these drawings are easily searched on the Internet through online fan art websites. People who can draw perfect Anime hair have studied the photos or drawings of other Anime creator.

How to Draw Anime Hair – Steps & Ideas

In drawing an Anime hair, it is imperative that it should express something about the character. The hair should not only suit the face of the Anime character but it should also represent the personal style of the character. The hair type that the Anime character will have should be taken into consideration as well. As an artist, you must decide on the hairstyle that you are going to give to the character. It can be a long ponytail or short down-do.

You can also try drawing Anime hair that does not belong to any character beforehand. In this way, you can achieve better idea on how to draw various types of Anime hairstyles. This allows you to think outside of the box as you draw a hairstyle for a particular Anime character. As always, practice makes perfect. If you can, practice drawing Anime hair frequently. The more effort and time you allow into drawing, you are likely to succeed in all techniques.

Picture Gallery of Amine Hair Styles

How to Draw Anime Hair


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