How to Make a Hair Bun

Buns are necessary to any long hair types, whether they are straight or not. Hair buns are known to be very versatile; they can actually be adopted for a number of hair types and hair styles. Air buns add some extra ordinary beauty to your hair; they are actually what you need to ensure that you get the best of your hair type as well as style. Hair buns can be made in a number of forms, which include: curly bun, messy bun, standard bun, sock bun, medium hair bun, and so on. All air buns can be effectively incorporated without much struggle.

hair bun

Step by Step Procedure
Let us begin with a medium to long hair buns. These hair buns are very simple to attain. The first step involves pulling back of your hair into a pony tail. You can have the pony tail kept in position by securing it with clip. The second step should involve the separation of your hair into two or more sections in the case of thick air. Then you are to obtain the first part of the parted hair, twist it and wrap it around the pony tail you made, in the same manner take the second part of the parted hair, twist it and wrap it next to the first part, do the same for the third and consecutive parted parts. Third stage should involve addition of bobby pins so as you can effectively secure the bun. Once you are done, gently shake your head to free the remaining hair.

Sock Bun Hair Tutorial
If you opt for a sock hair bun, here is how to go about it. Firstly, have socks cut from both feet. Secondly, obtain a donut by rolling the sock towards its opposite section. Thirdly, have the end of the donut pulled. Fourthly, have the sock threaded through the tube sock. Fifthly, have the dressed sock rolled over the tube sock. Sixthly, have the sock rolled to its end. Seventhly, have the end of the dress sock pulled over the donut. Eighthly, go ahead and make your air bun. While making the hair bun, be certain to make use of hair sprays they help in eliminating stiffing of your hair. Sock method is basically effect if you have ample time to achieve all the steps effectively. Remember, you are not to mess in any step or you might get the unexpected results willingly without your consent.

Accessories for Perfect Bun
A perfect bun is obtained by using the best accessories. Accessories that are essential to achieve a perfect bun include the following: hair net, combs and brushes, elastic bands, the best quality hair spray, the best quality hair gel, spray bottle that is filled with water, and hair pins or bobby pins. The procedure of obtaining a simple perfect hair bun can be summarized as follows: gather your hair backwards, brush the hair, secure the hair with an elastic band to form a pony tail, twist the ponytail, coil it, pin it into position, have it covered with hairnet, and you are done.


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