How to Prevent Grey Hair

Grey hair is one of the problems faced by many middle-aged people and even youngsters today. No need to worry because this problem is easily solved by many simple ways and techniques available in the market today.

Grey hair is often the result of none or less production of melanin through the hair follicles. Since melanin plays a significant role in giving natural color to the hair, it should be maintained well. However, as people get aged, the hair follicles stop or decrease the melanin production.

Preventing Grey Hair Using Natural Remedies

Prevent Grey Hair

In preventing grey hair, using natural remedies or effective herbs is a best option. Eating foods rich in proteins and vitamins can also help prevent grey hair.

Among the most common remedies that you can use include Indian Gooseberry, blackstrap molasses, polygonum multiflorum, and many more. Adequate amount of almonds, cashews, walnuts, and other dry fruits can also help in the prevention of grey hair.

Factors Affecting Premature Aging

Smoking is proven scientifically to cause premature aging of the overall human body and this includes having grey hair. Thus, quit smoking in order to prevent grey hair. This is an important step that one must take note of when preventing for grey hair.

Stress is another factor linked to having premature grey hair. It has an effect on the body that causes to age faster. Therefore you should relax yourself and calm your emotions by having regular meditation or exercise. This idea will help prevent grey hair.

Diet is also an important factor. If diet is poor, grey hair begins to appear due to breakdown of protein process and lack of copper in the body. To prevent this, take multivitamins and food that contain copper such as meats, spinach, yams, lima beans, and turnip greens.


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