How to Roll Hair With Rollers

How your hair is rolled, and what kind of rods are used, are both essential to your permanent wave’s finished look.

How to Roll Hair – Tips and Tricks

Read the tips below to achieve the look you want.

1. Generally speaking, the tightness or looseness of a permed curl is determined by the size of the rods used. The smaller the rod, the tighter the curl; the larger the rod, the bigger the curl.

2. A basic perm set is the five-section set: it features five nape-to-forehead sections.

3. For the crispest curls, hair should be parted no wider than 6 mm (1/4 inch) before being rolled onto rods.

4. To create a strong curl that is unmarred by rod marks or unevenness, strands are rolled “off-base”. This means a section is combed and held at a 45° angle from the head.

5. End papers are small pieces of paper that are folded over the tips before rolling. These help protect the ends from damage.

6. Hair that is longer than 13 cm (5 inches) does best when rolled in two rollers per parting – called piggyback rolling – or rolled onto tube rods that can be looped around the strands; this looks a bit like a rag-roller set.

7. To create a perm – sections of hair are wound around the rods starting from the top of the head and working down the length of the hair to the ends.


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