How to Cut Ivy League Haircut

An Ivy League haircut is one popular version of shaggy hairstyle for men. It is often sported by famous sports stars, actors, singers, and models. This haircut can suit all types of hair, facial shapes, and lifestyles plus it does not require tough maintenance and the use of tons of hair products.

How to Cut Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League haircut is more know as the “just got of bed” or “scruffy” look. It can be achieved no matter what length or texture of the hair is it straightened, wavy, long, or short.

There is a mop style version for this haircut that is worn over the forehead. Another style version of the haircut is having shorter bangs that are kept out of the eyes. However, if you have short hair, you need to let it grow first before you can get the Ivy League haircut.  On the contrary, hair stylist can able to put layers on your short hair by using a razor.

The layers of an Ivy League haircut give the wearer more movement and thickness for his or her hair. In styling these layers, use some gel or wax that is medium or light in strength. If you opt for an Ivy League haircut, discuss with your stylist the sort of style you prefer for your hair type and facial features.

Man’s Ivy League Haircut Picture


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