What Is The Latest Haircut Trend 2024

When we speak of the latest trends in haircuts for 2024, it refers to the updated styles and fashion. This includes the wardrobe and the haircuts as well. Haircuts have always been trendy and fashionable. It even breaks one’s entire fashionable image. Read further and get to know the latest trends in 2024 haircuts for both women and men.

Popular Hairstyles Trends in 2024

Short haircut is one of the latest trends this 2024 for women. The retro is also back for 2024 as it is inspired by the mob bobs of 1960s. The shaggy pixie and inverted bob is also a hot look for the year. The bob haircuts for the year have become more structured since it is showcased with shorter bangs. Braid hairstyles will continue to rise in 2024 especially if the woman has a really long hair. Its two distinctions are the fish plait and the long side braid. Other latest trends in 2024 haircuts for women are long waved hair, androgynous slicked hair, chignon, medium curly hairstyles, and the sleek top knots.

Men Haircuts Trends in 2024

The latest trends in 2024 haircuts for men are divided into two categories, the school boy look and the rocker. Fringe continues to be fashionable for men this 2024. It can be worn in various lengths of hair that suits the facial shape. However, men need to focus on the layered details and texture of the hair when wearing fringe. The slick back haircut for men should be cut short on the sides. This is a classic hairstyle that is best both for wavy and straight haired men.

2024 Celebrity Hairstyles Trends Pictures

Latest Celebrity Trends in 2024 Haircuts


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